Biden apologizes to Roberts for oath of office joke

January 28, 2009

By GottaLaff

Why was an apology really necessary? Chief Justice Roberts blew it, and V.P. Biden had some fun with it. My guess: The vice president’s boss made him do it:

An aide to Vice President Joe Biden tells CNN he called Chief Justice John Roberts last week to apologize for a light-hearted remark he made over the flubbed Inauguration Day oath of office. […]

Several staffers reacted to the comment with groans and laughter, though President Obama, standing next to Biden, did not crack a smile.

An aide to the vice president said Tuesday the two men spoke privately after that comment. �They spoke and had a good conversation,� said the aide, who declined to give further details.


Teriyaki Boyz feat. Kanye West – Teriya-King

January 28, 2009

The Teriyaki Boyz drop another high tempo, club banger alongside favorite collaborator Kanye West. Entitled Teriya-King, the track features the Japanese group�s trademark hip-hop style laced with some clever raps from Mr. West.
Teriyaki Boyz feat. Kanye West – Teriya-King

Arlen Specter will support Holder

January 28, 2009

By GottaLaff

Specter said he will support Holder, clearing the way for his nomination as attorney general to be confirmed.

Well, isn’t that special:

The top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee announced Tuesday he will support the nomination of Attorney General-designate Eric Holder when the panel votes on it Wednesday.

Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pennsylvania, had angered Holder during the confirmation hearing 10 days ago when he questioned Holder’s “fitness” for the office.

Specter questioned whether Holder would be politically independent from the White House, recalling Holder’s refusal as deputy attorney general to seek an independent counsel for an investigation of allegedly questionable fund-raising by then-Vice President Al Gore.

A clearly annoyed Holder then warned Specter he was “getting close to the line in questioning my integrity.” […]

And Specter, who later met with Holder privately, says he is satisfied on yet another point � that Holder is not intent on prosecuting Bush-era officials who were operating under what they presumed to be a lawful order when they engaged in harsh interrogation techniques. […]

With Specter agreeing to support the nomination, Holder’s floor vote and swearing in could be accomplished by the end of this week.

Holder may not be “intent” on prosecuting BushCo, but it will get done eventually, because it has to. I shall personally will it. From what I’ve been hearing, U.S. Attorneys, along with the Siegelman case, may be the catalysts.

Ron Browz – Jumpin’ (Out the Window)

January 28, 2009

i didnt know Ron Browz did Nas’ Ether i kinda like him now

The Cool Kids – Pennies

January 28, 2009

i think this is the song on NBA 2k or madden or some shit idk

BBC / Ice Cream Season 8 Releases

January 28, 2009

BBC / Ice Cream welcomes in some Spring/Summer releases for the month of January. The drop consists of various items ranging from vibrant icicle denim to several outerwear pieces. Highlighting the collection is the use of asymmetrical zippers and designs throughout their colder climate pieces alongside the usual button-downs, t-shirts and a finely crafted knit sweater.

Personality Development – Developing an overall Winning Personality and Aproach in Life

January 28, 2009

Lady GaGa – Poker Face

January 28, 2009

i always like lady gaga videos. whoever does her shit is off the hook

Visvim 2009 Fall/Winter Showroom in Paris

January 28, 2009

With many menswear brands showing at the fashion week in Paris this past week, Japanese label Visvim also took the opportunity to showcase their 2009 Fall/Winter collection at a warehouse space in Belleville. Both buyers and press from all around the world flocked to the showroom in anticipation to discover what�s new from their upcoming collection. Unfortunately we don�t see much from these images but judging from these images, we expect the same sort of aesthetics that you�d expect from Visvim. At night, Visvim also held a cocktail party at a Polo Club in the heart of Bois de Boulogne. Both buyers, press and Visvim designer�s Hiroki Nakamura attended for a night of delicious food, drinks and music.
Visvim�s 2009 Fall/Winter collection won�t be released for quite some time so look for their Spring/Summer collection to drop soon. Also be sure to check out their upcoming website as it is said to be launched soon very soon.
Photo: SK

N.A.S.A. – Hip-Hop (feat. Slim Kid Tre, Fatlip & KRS-One)

January 28, 2009