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PhotObama: Mad Magazine spoofs President Obama’s first hundred days

January 28, 2009

By GottaLaff

September 2008 cover


Poll-itics: Everyone Loves Obama, Even Republicans edition

January 28, 2009

By GottaLaff

President Barack Obama speaks to reporters during his visit ...

Diageo/Hotline poll results, via TPM:

Obama’s favorability rating stands at 76 percent, with a job approval rating of 63 percent. Even Republicans have a generally positive view of the new president, with a plurality saying they approve of his job performance. So far, Democratic approval of Obama is nearly universal.

Overall, Americans are also supportive of the economic stimulus package Obama has asked Congress to pass. After learning the details of its provisions, more than two-thirds of respondents said they at least somewhat supported the package. But partisan rifts do exist. Democrats were inclined to support the legislation – 58 percent of them strongly – while Republicans were split about evenly.

Plunging numbers! Slippage! What an abysmal failure. If only he would accomplish something already.

Obama’s stimulus package should help economy, experts say

January 28, 2009

By GottaLaff

President Obama’s doing such a terrible job. Impeach him now. He’s expanding security efforts to include both of our borders, he’s restoring the rule of law, he’s protecting the environment,he’s supporting women’s rights, he’s inclusive, and now… of all things, he’s devising a recovery plan for our flatlining economy. Is he nuts, or what?

Economists think the stimulus plan that the House of Representatives will vote on Wednesday, while far from perfect, will help stimulate the moribund U.S. economy. […]

[M]ost leading economists who are experienced in public policy generally favor the stimulus plan that the House is considering because through it the government will step up spending at a time when private-sector spending has fallen off sharply.

Some economists are ideologically opposed to any such massive government plan. The Cato Institute, a libertarian research center, has organized a list of dozens of academic economists who oppose the plan, urging instead tax cuts and smaller government, in favor of free markets and lower taxes over big government activities. Cato will advertise its list in coming days. However, that isn’t where the balance of expert opinion comes down today.

The House legislation would erect four pillars of economic stimulus. It would provide income support to the poor and recently unemployed, distribute aid to state governments, seek relatively quick employment gains through public works spending and aim to spark consumer and business spending through targeted tax cuts.

I think it’s a reasonably well-designed package,” said Mark Zandi, the chief economist for forecaster Moody’s and a former adviser to the presidential campaign of Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain. […]

House Republicans have lampooned some modest spending provisions in the package that have little to do with stimulating the economy, but those measures account for only a small portion of the money. […]

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, in an analysis released Monday and in congressional testimony Tuesday, said that the Democratic stimulus plan generally would get government money into the economy quickly, with 65 percent of it spent by October 2010. […]

Private-sector economists who support the stimulus plan say that it could be made better, and, yes, bigger.

I would make the package bigger . . . increase the package to over $1 trillion,” Zandi said.

One change, he said, could be to take the $7,500 tax credit being proposed for home purchases by first-time buyers and apply it to all home purchases, payable at closing. This would help reverse the deep slide in the national housing market.

Zandi also proposes a bigger payroll-tax holiday, which would provide temporary relief for workers and their employers, getting more cash into the economy.

Drawbacks are outlined in the piece, too, but, generally, the consensus is positive… despite what Campbell Brown and Ed Henry are trying to sell us. No bias, no bull from those two, uh-uh. And if you believe that

Boffo reviews: Arab reaction to President Obama’s Al Arabiya interview "astonishingly positive."

January 28, 2009

By GottaLaff

Progress in the Middle East will be frustratingly slow, but for those who think reaching out is a bad idea, check this out:

Since President Obama‘s interview with Al Arabiya last night, State Department public diplomacy officials have been closely monitoring reaction in the Arab media — TV, newspapers, radio and blogs — to get a sense for how the interview is playing.

The State Department is busy preparing a report for the White House on what they’ve observed and, so far, the reaction has been a very positive one.

In reviewing Arab media commentary, officials say, two messages seem to have resonated: Obama’s focus on listening and not dictating U.S. policy and his emphasis on the fact that he has lived in the Muslim world and has Muslim family members.

Flies. Honey. Vinegar. Imagine that.

The U.S. Embassy in Cairo reports: “We are getting overwhelmingly positive feedback from bloggers and contacts in country. Their main points are that they were highly impressed…” that he gave his first TV interview to an Arab satellite channel.

In Saudi Arabia, a newspaper editor told the embassy, “The reader reaction that he’s getting so far is astonishingly positive.”

In the United Arab Emirates, the embassy said, “Anecdotal public reaction has been highly positive.

In Bahrain, one newspaper normally critical of U.S. policies commented favorably on the appointment of George Mitchell as special envoy.

The interview aired too late for Syria, Iran, and other places to meet newspaper deadlines, so tomorrow there will be more reaction from the enemies of the Bush administration.

Smashing Republican Economic Talking Points 101 via Krugman

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

Paul Krugman obliterates the rightie spin. Here’s a summary:

1.The Obama plan will cost $275,000 per job created

[T]hey take the cost of a plan over many years and look for jobs created in the first year. [Krugman]:

“The true cost per job of the Obama plan will probably be closer to $100,000 than $275,000 � and the net cost will be as little as $60,000 once you take into account the fact that a stronger economy means higher tax receipts.”

2. Cutting taxes is better than government spending because taxpayers, not bureaucrats, are the best judges of how to spend their money.


“It�s clear that when it comes to economic stimulus, public spending provides much more bang for the buck than tax cuts � and therefore costs less per job created (see the previous fraudulent argument) � because a large fraction of any tax cut will simply be saved.”

3. Barack Obama’s chief economic adviser says monetary policy is better than fiscal policy in response to recessions. […]

Dr. Krugman:

“It�s true that the normal response to recessions is interest-rate cuts from the Fed, not government spending. And that might be the best option right now, if it were available. But it isn�t, because we�re in a situation not seen since the 1930s: the interest rates the Fed controls are already effectively at zero.”

Mr Krugman finishes saying that Republicans are throwing everything they have at Obama and hoping something will stick, and offering support to the new President over Obama’s much reported “I won” statement to the GOP house representatives and asking the new President to stick with the plan.

Speaking of sticking, how about sticking it to these guys.

Drek-sploitation: GOP’s Big Obama Photo Op

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

Here’s video of President Obama’s remarks following the meeting.


A Republican source tells Time magazine that “nearly as many House Republicans sought to get their photos taken with Obama as questioned him about the stimulus during their meeting.

How reassuring to know that the G.O.P. is using America’s disastrous Bush economy as a photo op with a popular president upon whom (along with a struggling nation) they enjoy defecating.

VIDEO– Bernard Goldberg on Hannity: Chris Matthews is a "hooker putting out for Obama"

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

Pot, kettle, black, blech!

But of course, Hannity et al. never used Fox Noise as a porn site for all things Bush (pun intended). Sparing the rod was never one of their shortcomings (both puns intended). All this cockiness (pun intended) is particularly unflattering in light of Hannity’s usual comings and goings (pun intended). I don’t mean to be too hard on him (pun… you know)– okay, yes I do– but what a dick (you know the drill… Bada bing! Double pun intended).

Obama to Citigroup: Get Rid of that Jet

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

The Anti-Bush:

That was fast: The Obama administration told Citigroup to get rid of its $50 million jet, just one day after reports about the expenditure made their way into the public eye, ABC News reports.

From ABC:

The high-flying execs at Citigroup caved under pressure from President Obama and decided today to abandon plans for a luxurious new $50 million corporate jet from France.

The bank used TARP funds to purchase a new corporate jet for executives.

The decision came 24 hours after the banking giant, which was rescued by a $45 billion taxpayer lifeline, defended buying the state-of-the-art Dassault Falcon 7X � one of nine to be flying in U.S. skies � as a smart business deal.

The jet, the epitome of corporate prestige and privilege, can carry 12 passengers in elegant comfort.

ABC News has learned that on Monday officials of the Obama administration called Citigroup about the company�s new $50 million corporate jet and told execs to �fix it.


President Obama: We need to "put aside political differences"

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

President Obama just gave a statement, saying he had a productive meeting with the GOP, that he wants to “put aside political differences and get to work”, and that mayhaps the righties weren’t aware of all of the details of his recovery plan.

Here’s how Republicans “put aside political differences”:

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UPDATE: And this…

Boehner to GOP: Vote against stimulus

And this:

The bottom line: a coordinated effort to embarrass a president who looked largely unassailable just weeks ago.

VIDEO– Rush Limbaugh: Obama wants me to fail

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

Original post here.

Oxy LimpDong said straight out that he wants President Obama to fail. Obama responded. Now LimpDong responds to the response.

Jon Stewart nails the hypocrisy:

After playing an old clip of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly sounding off on the “anti-Bush liberals” (“But this hate stuff, this rooting for the administration to fail in Iraq and other areas is un-American, unbecoming, and unacceptable. Like him or not, Mr. Bush is the elected leader of this country…” said O’Reilly in March of 2007), Stewart showed conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh talking about how he wants Obama to “fail,” during an appearance on FOX News’ Hannity on Wednesday. […]

Not really joking, Comedy Central’s Stewart asked, “Does Bill O’Reilly think Rush Limbaugh hates America?”

Stewart posited that Limbaugh’s words could be considered “arguably treasonous.”

The hypocrisy of these wingers is jaw-dropping.

Here’s the video:
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As the Stomach Turns.