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VIDEO– U.N. official: Enough evidence to prosecute Rumsfeld for war crimes

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

This video is from CNN’s Newsroom, broadcast Jan. 26, 2009.

Monday, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture Manfred Nowak told CNN’s Rick Sanchez that the US has an “obligation” to investigate whether Bush administration officials ordered torture, adding that he believes that there is already enough evidence to prosecute former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Original (videoless) post here.


Guantanamo case files in disarray… as is what’s left of Bush’s mind

January 25, 2009

By GottaLaff

When you think of Bush, are you like me? Do you imagine him sitting on the floor, staring vacantly at floating dust particles, lost amidst a sea of Play-Doh, macaroni, crumpled bits of construction paper, and old photos of Roy Rogers and Hoppy, wishing he could be just like them?

I visualize his pathetic, limited world as messy, a virtual cacophony of vulgar, unformed thoughts, grandiose self-images, and the soundtrack of Looney Tunes playing in his hollow little head.

Bush’s Gitmo filing system reflects my mental image:

[I]ncoming legal and national security officials — barred until the inauguration from examining classified material on the detainees — discovered that there were no comprehensive case files on many of them.

Instead, they found that information on individual prisoners is “scattered throughout the executive branch,” a senior administration official said. The executive order Obama signed Thursday orders the prison closed within one year, and a Cabinet-level panel named to review each case separately will have to spend its initial weeks and perhaps months scouring the corners of the federal government in search of relevant material.

Several former Bush administration officials agreed that the files are incomplete and that no single government entity was charged with pulling together all the facts and the range of options for each prisoner. They said the CIA and other intelligence agencies were reluctant to share information, and the Bush administration’s focus on detention and interrogation made preparation of viable prosecutions a far lower priority.

But… wait for it… they blame Obama:

After promising quick solutions, one former senior official said, the Obama administration is now “backpedaling and trying to buy time” by blaming its predecessor.

For every accusation, there is a denial. Here are more accusations:

A second former Pentagon official said most individual files are heavily summarized dossiers that do not contain the kind of background and investigative work that would be put together by a federal prosecution team. He described “regular food fights” among different parts of the government over information-sharing on the detainees. […]

There have been indications from within and outside the government for some time, however, that evidence and other materials on the Guantanamo prisoners were in disarray, even though most of the detainees having been held for years. […]

In another filing, the department said that […] “None of the relevant agencies, however, was prepared to handle this volume of habeas [corpus] cases on an expedited basis.”

Evidence gathered for military commission trials is in disarray, according to some former officials, who said military lawyers lacked the trial experience to prosecute complex international terrorism cases.

In a court filing this month, Darrel Vandeveld, a former military prosecutor at Guantanamo who asked to be relieved of his duties, said evidence was “strewn throughout the prosecution offices in desk drawers, bookcases packed with vaguely-labeled plastic containers, or even simply piled on the tops of desks.

He said he once accidentally found “crucial physical evidence” that “had been tossed in a locker located at Guantanamo and promptly forgotten.”

U.N. special rapporteur on torture calls on U.S. to prosecute Bush and Rumsfeld

January 21, 2009

By GottaLaff


In remarks that aired on German television last night, Manfred Nowak, the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture, urged the U.S. to pursue former President George W. Bush and defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld on charges that they authorized torture and other harsh interrogation techniques:

�Judicially speaking, the United States has a clear obligation� to bring proceedings against Bush and Rumsfeld. [�] He noted Washington had ratified the UN convention on torture which required �all means, particularly penal law� to be used to bring proceedings against those violating it.

�We have all these documents that are now publicly available that prove that these methods of interrogation were intentionally ordered by Rumsfeld,� against detainees at the US prison facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Nowak said.

Jonathan Turley has called for justice. Keith Olbermann has. Nancy Pelosi has. We have. The nation is practically begging for it. Bush did not issue pre-emptive pardons, so the door is wide open.

Not to mention, setting a terrible precedent by letting the Bush crime family skate at the expense of our democracy would be a real crime in and of itself.

President Obama’s excecutive order: Close Gitmo within a year

January 21, 2009

By GottaLaff

MSNBC is reporting that President Obama has drafted an executive order that calls for closing of Gitmo within a year.

More when I find it.

UPDATE— Here it is:

The Obama administration is circulating a draft executive order that calls for closing the detention center at Guantanamo Bay within a year.

The draft order also would declare a halt to all trials currently under way at the facility, where roughly 800 detainees in the war on terror are held.

President Obama orders freeze on Gitmo prosecutions

January 21, 2009

By GottaLaff

Keith Olbermann is saying that Reuters is reporting that President Obama has ordered Gitmo a 120 day halt for prosecutors. It’s not official yet, it’s a leaked report from “trial sources”.

This buys him time to figure out where to put the prisoners.

SNL: Gitmo�s going out of business sale

January 18, 2009

In wake of SCOTUS, Bush should just put up or shut up!

June 13, 2008

At last –the US Supreme Court is on the right side of a 5-4 decision. Not surprisingly, George W. Bush has failed to give the decision the support which the decision –now the law of the land –warrants and demands! Bush has but one sworn duty and that is to execute, uphold and defend the laws of the land. Nevertheless, his mealy mouth statement following the high court’s decision recognizing the right of Guantanamo detainess to challenge their detentions in civilian courts does not inspire confidence in a regime that has never deserved or inspired confidence.

Video: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Gitmo Detainees

The Bush administration claims Sheikh Mohammed is the ‘master mind’ of 911.

We’ll abide by the court’s decision. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. It …deeply divided court. uhhhh…I strongly agree with those who dissented.

–Bush, Mastermind behind the US terrorist attack and invasion of Iraq

My response to George W. Bush, the master mind behind US imperial terrorism throughout the world, is simply this: put up or shut the fuck up you stupid, criminal son of a bitch! Bush, if you have a case against the Sheikh, MAKE IT! Otherwise, resign the office you have disgraced and just shut up!

A final shot: the court, Bush says, was ‘deeply divided’ on this issue. But, are we to believe, that the court was not ‘deeply divided’ when Antonin Scalia and four other right wing ideologues handed down Bush v Gore, a disingenuous decision that made no law, the very worst SCOTUS decision since Dred-Scott?

At last, Scalia is not only not ‘intellectually challenged’, he is ‘intellectually dishonest’. Scalia will look for convincing if fallacious rationalizations to support his prejudiced point of view. Scalia has disgraced the court. If the US survives the wave of right wing hysteria that has attacked it and its institutions, it may take generations to right the wrongs of the ‘right’!

Scalia claims that the majority decision will cause ‘more Americans to be killed’!


It’s hard to see how any more Americans could possibly be killed than have died already as the direct result of Bush’s order to attack and invade Iraq –a nation which not even Bush dares try to connect with 911 or with ‘terrorism’. Scalia is no judge –he’s a propagandist! And not a good one.

The idiot Scalia dare not try to make the case that any detainee from either Afghanistan or Iraq have had anything to do with terrorism of any kind at any time. Why, then, are they detained? Only liars, Bush and Scalia primarily, are threatened by granting these ‘detainees’ their day in court.

How can Antonin Scalia write with a straight face that by recognizing the ‘universal human right’ to habeas corpus, the right to defend ones’ self against charges that, by right, should be made formally and within a reasonable amount of time are the lives of Americans endangered in any way?

Scalias’ argument is sophomoric, intellectually challenged, without supporting precedent of any kind in western jurisprudence, without supporting precedent over some 400 years of Anglo/American common law. It is most certainly abhorrent to those principles affirmed and made law in our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Scalia’s ideas are, in fact, repugnant, fascist and un-American! Scalia is a traitor to the ideals of our revolution and our history. Scalia is unfit to sit upon the high court. His continued presence disgraces the court and undermines its credibility.

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