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Juan Williams Calls Michelle Obama a Liability

January 28, 2009

Where else would you cut down the First Lady? Juan Williams makes my idiot list, slamming Michelle Obama on the O’Reilly Factor. The rest of the commentary in this clip is dim and obviously intended for other idiots.


White House Budget Manager Orszag Wants Quick Spend

January 28, 2009

Peter Orszag, the director of the White House Office of Management and Budget, urged lawmakers Tuesday to pass a bill with the authorization to spend most of the $825 billion stimulus funds quickly. He wants 75 percent of the money spent in 11/2 years.

Listen to NPR’s report here.

Republican Pete Hoekstra Twitters About Obama

January 28, 2009

Check out some of what he said at Political Punch, or if you’re on Twitter, you can follow Hoekstra here.
Here was his latest Tweet:

Very impressive session with Republican House members.If President carries this on it does open door for a new tone!Let’s hope! Nice job!

I’m happy to hear that at least some republicans are working with Obama.

Kentucky grand jury won’t charge two who hung Obama effigy

January 27, 2009

By GottaLaff

An effigy for an effigy:

A Kentucky grand jury refused Tuesday to indict two men who hung an effigy of Barack Obama from a tree last fall on the University of Kentucky campus, their lawyer said.

The grand jury dismissed charges of second-degree burglary, theft by unlawful taking and disorderly conduct against Hunter Bush, 21, and Joe Fischer, 22, a UK senior, lawyer Fred Peters said Tuesday. […]

UK police said the two men told them the act was in response to news reports that an effigy of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin had been hung in California.

The couple who hung the eBay-worthy Palin effigy were not indicted either, which didn’t sit well at all with one commenter over at the L.A. Times blog back in October 2008 :

This is a hate crime.
It’s artsy-fartsy.
Even though Palin isn’t BLACK- it portrays violence.
If this was an effigy of OBAMA- their house would have been burned down already.

Just a preview of the “justice” that will be to come- economic or otherwise that will be- if Obama is elected.

God save us.

McCain-Palin 2008

Call me crazy, but I’m guessing that this distraught commenter wouldn’t be too broken up over the news of the two UK guys getting a pass.

Geithner To Crack Down on Lobbyists

January 27, 2009

CNN: In his first official move as treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner will unveil on Tuesday new rules to crack down on lobbyists for companies that benefited from federal bailouts, according to two senior administration officials late Monday.

Earlier Monday, Senate lawmakers voted to confirm Geithner as the next treasury secretary amid ongoing uncertainty about the nation’s economic future.

Geithner, who will spearhead President Obama’s response to the financial crisis that threatens to unravel economic growth around the globe, won approval in a 60-34 vote.

Saltsman Responds to His Offensive Gift to Republicans

January 27, 2009

Chip Saltsman, running to head the republican national committee, hasn’t learned his lesson. He’s still an idiot. The media fail to point out that there were other offensive hit singles on that CD, such as Jose Can You See.

Obama’s Meeting With House Republicans Constructive -Video

January 27, 2009

Obama says he doesn’t expect 100% agreement, but he’s hoping politics can be set aside.

Republican response:

CQ Politics: House Republicans said that Obama defended the existing stimulus package but assured them there were would be room to incorporate some changes during negotiations between the House and Senate over a final version.

Several members said they still plan to vote against the House bill Wednesday but would take another look when a final version comes back to the House.

�Sometimes you have to vote no the first time around,� Rep. Jack Kingston , R-Ga., said. �The real test will be what happens a week from now.�

�The most encouraging statement the president made was that he had no pride of authorship� over the House bill, said Minority Whip Eric Cantor , R-Va. �I took that to mean that tomorrow�s vote is a first step.�

Rep. Henry E. Brown Jr. , R-S.C., described the meeting as having �a relaxed atmosphere. Everybody was jovial.� He added that from Obama�s remarks �it was pretty evident that he had a good handle on the content of the bill.�

Rep. Peter T. King , R-N.Y., said Obama drew laughter and cheers from the lawmakers when he agreed to extend the question and answer period from 25 minutes to 30 minutes, even though it would make him late to meet GOP senators.

King said Obama told them �The Senate can wait. You see I can pander with the best of you.�

House GOP Conference Chairman Mike Pence of Indiana said prior to the meeting that Democrats had drafted a purely partisan bill. He said Republican leaders would undertake a public campaign against it. �The American people need to know that President Obama�s call for compromise has been completely ignored.�

Obama open to more tax breaks for small businesses:

While Obama didn�t promise major changes to the package, GOP members said he showed flexibility on some issues.

�The president did say he has some concerns over the spending proposals he sees in this bill,� Boehner said.

Participants said Obama took about 10 questions. Peter J. Roskam, R-Ill., had one of the more charged exchanges with Obama, after complaining that House Democratic leaders had shut out GOP amendments and seemed to be taking a much less compromising approach than the negotiated bipartisan approach suggested by Obama.

�He said he would be open to hear about tax breaks for small business. I might get back to him,� Roskam said. Read more at CQ

What else did Obama say?

US NEWS: “Obama is speaking now. He is talking about how bad the economy is and that it is deteriorating rapidly.”

– “Mentioned Caterpillar and Microsoft having to layoff workers.”

– “The president said that the stimulus is ‘just one leg in multi leg stool to get economy going.’

– “He wants to deal with the housing market more aggressively.”

– “This is just the first step.”

– “Obama said the he would ‘like not to have to spend the stimulus money.'”

– “He also said that he has ‘no interest in increasing government just to increase the size of government.'”

– On taxes, “Obama says tax relief for some working families must come from payroll so even families who don’t pay income taxes get relief and they will spend it.”

– On GOP complaints, “he said that ‘there will be time to beat him up and a time for politics. He said I understand that and I will watch you on Fox News and feel bad about myself.'”

– “Obama said if we can do more small business tax relief, ‘we should do it, but I am just as concerned about the long term impact of tax cuts as I am about spending.'”

– “He also issued concern about the debt. ‘I will be judged by the legacy I have left behind. I don’t want to leave our children with a legacy of debt. I am inheriting an annual yearly debt of over $1 trillion.'”

Apparently, what Obama did today was rare:

PI: Obama’s trip to Capitol Hill was rare for a sitting president, especially given his decision to meet only with the opposition. He met with Democratic lawmakers earlier this month.
In his comments, Obama said he is “absolutely confident” that the country can find ways to solve the country’s economic woes. But he said “the key right now is to make sure that we keep politics to a minimum.”

Fox Blames Obama For Rappers’ Response to Obama’s Inauguration

January 27, 2009

Obama, who has been first to say, young boys ought to pull up their pants and that rap lyrics are offensive, wouldn’t condone this, yet Fox finds a way to make it all about Obama.

McCain Can’t Decide Who To Be

January 27, 2009

McCain voted against confirming Timothy Geithner after saying he would. Read about that here.
Geithner was easily confirmed.
John McCain’s trouble is he can’t decide whether he should side with the republicans, most of whom seem to be on the conservative end of the spectrum, or whether he should be a “maverick.” McCain seems to easily succumb to peer pressure as witnessed by the Sarah Palin pick.
I read an article that said Mac is Back. Don’t think so. He’s acting just like he did during the campaign, trying to appease at the sake of the greater good.
McCain says he won’t vote for the stimulus bill as is. What he doesn’t say is that he and many republicans will ultimately affirm the stimulus bill. They’re just trying to gain power through politics instead of substance. Just like the campaign, just like the last 8 years. Do they think we’re not watching?
Republicans tried to embarrass Obama?

Politico: In the party�s first organized attempt to embarrass President Obama, Senate Republicans voted in unexpectedly heavy numbers against Timothy Geithner for Treasury secretary on Monday night, even though he was easily confirmed.

The vote was 60-34, with 30 Republicans opposed. Geithner was quickly sworn in Monday night at the Treasury Department, where President Obama praised his new secretary.

�At this moment of challenge and crisis, Tim�s work and the work of the entire Treasury Department must begin at once,� Obama said. �We cannot lose a day because every day the economic picture is darkening here and across the globe.�

But the nomination vote gave conservatives an opportunity to rail against Geithner, as conservative talk radio rallied a flood of calls to Capitol Hill on Monday opposing his nomination. A majority of Senate Republicans heeded those calls, making it clear that Geithner may have a credibility gap with the GOP.

If republicans are listening to conservative talk radio, they’re in some real sorry shape. Obama has the terrorists rattled and the talk radio types running scared, afraid that their power, post Bush, will fade. Talk radio types have something in common with the terrorists. What do you know.

In this video, Sen. Mitch McConnell says Obama is having trouble getting democratic support.

Obama’s Intersection of Foreign and Domestic Policy

January 27, 2009

Environmentalists have known for years that America’s dependence on foreign oil was problematic for the nation’s foreign policy. It requires us to bow before OPEC; instead of being unconstrained, we’re forced to make foreign policy decisions based on who has the the oil (i.e. Kuwait and Saudi Arabia), not who has real problems (i.e. Darfur).

This is why Obama’s announcement yesterday that he would require the EPA to review Bush-era guidelines which prohibited California and other states from adopting auto emissions guidelines stricter than federal emissions standards is such a good move.

We need to applaud any move that increases our chances of becoming energy independent. In the end, America will save in lives and in treasure; we won’t have to fight for oil and our energy dollars will go to domestic suppliers and spent in our domestic markets.

This move, ultimately requiring more stringent auto emissions standards will be difficult on the auto industry, but now is the right time. If you let the auto companies pick when they’ll change their behavior, we’d never have seat belts, airbags or anti-lock brakes.

Besides pure common sense, another reason Republicans, like John Boehner need to support his policy, is their own ideological convictions. Traditionally, conservatives take a states-first mentality. They normally don’t like the federal government dictating to the states. However, when Bush was doing it, they didn’t mind. With Bush gone, the GOP should return to its conservative principals and support a move that puts states – and the country – first.