VIDEO– Rush Limbaugh: Obama wants me to fail

By GottaLaff

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Oxy LimpDong said straight out that he wants President Obama to fail. Obama responded. Now LimpDong responds to the response.

Jon Stewart nails the hypocrisy:

After playing an old clip of Fox’s Bill O’Reilly sounding off on the “anti-Bush liberals” (“But this hate stuff, this rooting for the administration to fail in Iraq and other areas is un-American, unbecoming, and unacceptable. Like him or not, Mr. Bush is the elected leader of this country…” said O’Reilly in March of 2007), Stewart showed conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh talking about how he wants Obama to “fail,” during an appearance on FOX News’ Hannity on Wednesday. […]

Not really joking, Comedy Central’s Stewart asked, “Does Bill O’Reilly think Rush Limbaugh hates America?”

Stewart posited that Limbaugh’s words could be considered “arguably treasonous.”

The hypocrisy of these wingers is jaw-dropping.

Here’s the video:
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As the Stomach Turns.


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