Michelle Obama: Reach out to Pennsylvania

Michelle Obama sent out this email today.

Dear Paul,

Call PennsylvaniaBarack is a community organizer at heart, and he is running this race the way he worked on the South Side of Chicago — bringing folks to the table to work together, make their voices heard and create a better life for themselves.

Now, he needs you. He needs ordinary people investing in this campaign — not just with their dollars, but also with their energy. Because as Barack always says, when ordinary people come together they can do extraordinary things.

When you get used to getting on the phone with fellow supporters, reaching beyond your comfort zone, and being engaged in the political process, you won’t just help win an election — you’ll be prepared to help bring about the kind of change we need.

With just three days left before the Pennsylvania primary, staff and local volunteers are hard at work in the Keystone State, but they need the support of the movement that has already spread across the country.

In the next three days, Pennsylvania needs you.

And the best part is, you can make an impact in Pennsylvania by making calls from your home. Use our online calling system to get started now:


Thanks to you, after more than forty contests in this race, we’re fortunate to have won the most votes, delegates, and states.

By every measure, this isn’t supposed to have happened — yet it’s happening all over the country, and that’s something to be proud of.

But we can’t take anything for granted. Every vote and delegate at stake is crucial, and Barack will be the underdog every day until he’s sitting in the Oval Office.

Making calls is one of the best things you can do to help Barack in Pennsylvania, and it’s easy:

  • When you log in, you’ll get a list of 20 names that only you will receive.
  • Click on a name and you’ll be led through a simple script, question by question.
  • If you want, you can now print your numbers and the script and enter your results back into the system later.

Pick up the phone right away to start making a difference in Pennsylvania. Make five calls now, and I’m sure you’ll want to make five more:


If we can all chip in to make the push in Pennsylvania in these next three days, we’ll be more than ready to reach for the change this country needs when Barack is in the White House.

Thank you for all that you’re doing,




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