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His story exemplifies the quest of the Solar Hero — does it not feel Some Special Hand is guiding his journey?

April 30, 2008

The constellation Perseus pictures the story of the Hero Perseus, holding the head of Medussa, which he had just severed with his sword. Perseus was greatly aided by the gods in his quest to destroy the Medussa, whose very glance could turn a person into stone. He was given a magic sword, Athena’s shield, winged sandals with which he could fly, a magic cap which rendered him invisible, and the guidance for him to not directly look into Medussas face as he battled her, but to look at her in the reflection of his shield.

There were two stars that were highlighted by the comet’s passage, Mirfak, and Algol. Mirfak is the elbow of Perseus’s sword hand. Algol, Medussa’a eye, has long been seen as one of the most malifec and evil stars in the heavens.

Obama was born with his sun in Leo, and his story exemplifies the quest of the Solar Hero. His father, who joins with his mother on an island, conceives a child, and soon thereafter leaves the child and mother to continue his own journeying. Obama, a ‘special ‘child, left to create his own internal image of ‘father’, and related meanings of strength, protection, leadership, etc.

The Holmes comet appears just as the presidential race is kicking into high gear, illuminating the concept of the hero vanquishing the monster, a monster that turns people into stone if they gaze upon her. Does it not seem as if our country today is all locked up, constricted, restricted, with ever shrinking mobility and freedom of movement?

Perseus had help from the gods. Does it not feel as if some special hand is guiding Obama on his journey, I mean, as he has said, the utter improbability of it all?

The instructions to not directly look at her, but to look at her reflection in his shield. What is Obama’s shield, in essence? I propose it is his belief in hope, redemption, and his ability to channel the essential goodness of the American people. The Perseus myth clearly indicates he should not confront his opponent by face-to-face, tit-for-tat combat.

Of especial significance for me is the star Mirfak, the elbow of Perseus’s sword arm. At some point, he does need to utilize his elbows, and when the moment comes, cut strongly and swiftly.

And lastly, let us not forget that the comet is BLUE.

So let us have hope, the gods are on our side, and the Hero will prevail.

Daily Kos, April 26, 2008


clang clang clang went the trolley* –thoughts on books

April 30, 2008

* This picture is from: “Vanishing Georgia

Thought Telegraph’s list of the Top 50 Cult Classic Reads was cool! (The actual article has blurbs about each book). I LOVED their def. of what “cult books” are–make sure you read that!

50 best cult books
The List:
(** designates the books I’ve read)
Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut (1969)
The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell (1957-60)
A Rebours by JK Huysmans (1884)
Baby and Child Care by Dr Benjamin Spock (1946)
The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf (1991)
**The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (1963)
Catch-22 by Joseph Heller (1961)
**The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger (1951)
The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield (1993)
The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart (1971)
Chariots of the Gods: Was God An Astronaut? by Erich Von D�niken (1968)
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole (1980)
Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1782)
The Private Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner by James Hogg (1824)
Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health by L Ron Hubbard (1950)
The Doors of Perception by Aldous Huxley (1954)
Dune by Frank Herbert (1965)
**The Hitchhiker�s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (1979)
The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe (1968)
Fear of Flying by Erica Jong (1973)
The Female Eunuch by Germaine Greer (1970)
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand (1943)
G�del, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas R Hofstadter (1979)
Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon (1973)
The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln (1982)
If on a Winter�s Night a Traveller by Italo Calvino (1979)
Iron John: a Book About Men by Robert Bly (1990)
Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach and Russell Munson (1970)
The Magus by John Fowles (1966)
Labyrinths by Jorge Luis Borges (1962)
The Leopard by Giuseppe di Lampedusa (1958)
The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov (1967)
No Logo by Naomi Klein (2000)
**On The Road by Jack Kerouac (1957)
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson (1971)
The Outsider by Colin Wilson (1956)
The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran (1923)
The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists by Robert Tressell (1914)
The Rub�iy�t of Omar Khayy�m by Edward FitzGerald (1859)
The Road to Oxiana by Robert Byron (1937)
**Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (1922)
The Sorrows of Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1774) Story of O by Pauline R�age (1954)
The Stranger by Albert Camus (1942)
The Teachings of Don Juan: a Yaqui Way of Knowledge by Carlos Castaneda (1968)
Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain (1933)
Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1883-85)
**To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (1960)
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: an Inquiry into Values by Robert M Pirsig (1974)
Reviews by Mick Brown, Alex Clark, Toby Clements, Sarah Crompton, Serena Davies, Christopher Howse, Sam Leith, Tim Martin, Andrew McKie, Tom Payne, Ceri Radford, Sameer Rahim and Dominic Sandbrook

an enchanting day

April 30, 2008

Today was a phenomenal day. One of those days when you feel at one with the entire universe. A day when you can smell spring after the wind sweeping sprinkles that have been dotting the horizon for the past couple of days. A smell that can only be described as “spring,” or the “smell of green.”

I finished my Graduation Mass reflection–which I am giving this weekend–this morning at around 4am. Today work with just coffee in my system and 3.5 hrs. of sleep was amazingly refreshing. I was energetic to say the least.

Spent time with my best friend L and her two daughters L (5.5 years) and A (3 years), while her hubby K fixed a broken water valve at the house. Something about giggling along with the kids to the funny jokes and silly songs in Enchanted is exactly the best way that I could have ended my day. (I have to say that Enchanted was one of my favorite movies of 2007! It makes fun of Disney “princess” movies in the light hearted and clever way that Shrek made fun of fairy tale stories. If you haven’t seen it–DO!)

Also, thought I would share this cool review from NPR. NPR article on Death Cab for Cutie. It is about their new CD Narrow Stairs. There is also a link in the article to a song from the CD, entitled “Cath.”

April 29, 2008

Catfight: Senator Obama and Reverend Wright take off the gloves

Andy Martin on the Obama/Wright wildfire: was first to disclose the mutual admiration society of Wright, Farrakhan and Obama in a March news conference. That�s why we are the #1 blog for the 2008 presidential campaign.

Executive Editor

�Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct�




(NEW YORK)(April 29, 2008) One week before the Indiana and North Carolina primaries, Senator Barack and his former pastor Reverend Jeremiah Wright have taken off the gloves. Yesterday, Wright called Obama a �politician.� Today Obama said he was �denouncing� Wright and said Wright was �outrageous, appalling� and made Obama �angry.�

Obama obviously condemned Wright to stem the hemorrhaging to his presidential campaign. But Obama�s remarks are going to provoke a retort from Wright; we appear to be in the midst of an escalating catfight.

But there is also back story here. What is interesting about the exchanges of the past couple of days is how the latest disclosures by Wright validate my news conference in Washington on March 28th. At that time I disclosed the hidden links between Obama and the Nation of Islam (NOI):

Once again we beat the mainstream media (MSM) with exclusive information that Obama had sought to camouflage. We exposed the old links between Obama and the NOI. Yesterday, Wright offered effusive raise for Minister Farrakhan, thus reflecting that Obama, Farrakhan and Wright were much closer than the public record had ever appeared and something of a mutual admiration society.

Will Obama�s denunciation allow the presidential campaign to concentrate on �you,� or �us� and not on Wright, as Obama has been asking? Not on your life. In February, 2007 we offered a psychological profile of Obama and predicted that his mask would eventually crack. The mask is falling away. Although Obama said today he is �not a theologian� and is unfamiliar with �[Black] liberation theology,� how could he be so innocent after two decades in the pews? How could he not have been aware of Wright�s great admiration for Farrakhan? How could Obambi have been so innocent?

Obama is unfortunately caught in a catfight he can�t win and Wright can�t lose. That is why we can almost guarantee more and more conflict and finger-pointing. The more the MSM publicize Wright, the more his stock will rise in the African-American community as an authentic voice of Black rage. Obama was right about that, all Wright. But since Obama already had 90% of the African-American vote he can only lose support; Wright�s ranting can only polarize the electorate further.

For the past four years has been ahead of the MSM in disclosing the truth about Barack Obama. The revelations of the past couple of days confirm how, once again, we were right on the mark in Washington last month.

Where do we think Obama�s campaign heading? Early this morning, long before his afternoon news conference, we predicted that he is going to lose both North Carolina and Indiana. Our prediction is looking pretty good right now. DNC Chairman Howard Dean said �one of the candidates� has to withdraw in June. Increasingly, and surprisingly to some but not to us, it looks likely Obama will become the one facing pressure to step down. Because he won�t withdraw, and Hillary Clinton should not withdraw, the donnybrook is going to continue.

We are hoping to be able to report from the campaign trail in North Carolina or Indiana between now and May 6th.

On May 7th, the Democratic race will be a new campaign. Obama will be wounded, Clinton will be surging and the irresistible force will meet the immovable object.
Chicago’s #1 Internet columnist, broadcaster and media critic, Andy Martin, is the Executive Editor and publisher of � Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin covers regional, national and world events with more than forty years of experience. He is a chronicler of all things Midwestern and the authentic Voice of Middle America. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. He has been a candidate for U. S. Senator from Illinois. Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639. Columns also posted at; [Editing note: we make typos, and we can�t recall every posting or e-mail; but updated versions are usually found on our blogs and web site.]

The Origins of the Bush Regime in Hitler’s Third Reich

April 29, 2008

New Version Of Bookyards Coming Soon

April 29, 2008

It has been a long two months since my last post. I have been busy finishing up on a collection of projects that have been occupying 90% of my time ….. a fact of life that has made taking care of Bookyards a difficult proposition for the past 5 – 6 months. Thankfully, everything is now coming to an end.

But while all of us have been busy, we have taken the time to conceptualize and lay the groundwork for Bookyards to have a a new look and structure. I am happy to report that we are almost there.

Our goal is to have the first page of Bookyards be a portal that will permit easy access to books that are not only on our site, but to other online libraries. On this front page we will also be providing links to other web sites that specialize in music, videos, news and information, as well as education.

To get an idea on what the first page will look like, we have a rough …. and I mean a very rough version at this link. We have not seperated this page into categories, nor spruced up the look, but it gives a rough idea on the direction that we are going.

We will also be providing a model (like Wikipedia’s), in which readers can provide links to books and/or websites that they feel will be of value to Bookyards readers. Like Yahoo when it first started, we will become dependent on our readers to provide links that we may have otherwise passed by. Each submitted link will be checked and put into Bookyard’s database after an evaluation has been done by one of our editors.

I estimate that this version of Bookyards will be online by July 1. We have in our database over 350,000 links to books and websites that we will be editing and examining this summer. This database alone will make our library one of the largest on the web today. What our fans and readers will provide to us will be everyone’s bonus.

Bookyards will also still be free. We will be changing our advertising models when the new version of Bookyards is online.

To get a better idea on the content that Bookyards will be providing, the previous entry on Albert Einstein will give you an idea.

Albert Einstein: Books And Websites

April 29, 2008

A man of the world, a giant in Physics, one of the great minds of the 20th century. Bookyards has accumulated the following books and related external links for your reading and browsing.

Books On/By Albert Einstein On Bookyards:

Albert Einstein E= M C 2 an Mp3 by Einstein, Albert

Albert Einstein Quotes by Einstein, Albert

Albert Einstein’s Four Letters by Einstein, Albert

Can Quantum Mechanical by Einstein, Albert

Chronologie De La Vie D’Albert Einstein (In French) by Einstein, Albert

Derivation Of E=Mc by Einstein, Albert

Do Gravitational Fields Play An Essential Part by Einstein, Albert

Does The Inertia Of A Body by Einstein, Albert

Einstein Minkowski Spacetime by Einstein, Albert

Einstein’s Reply To Criticisms by Einstein, Albert

Electrodynamics Of Moving Bodies by Einstein, Albert

Evolution Of Physics by Einstein, Albert

Fundamental Ideas And Problems by Einstein, Albert

Hyperbolic Methods For Einstein’s Equations by Einstein, Albert

Knowledge Of Past by Einstein, Albert

Letter To The New York Times by Einstein, Albert

Relativity by Einstein, Albert

Religion And Science by Einstein, Albert

Sidelights Of Relativity by Einstein, Albert

Some Of Einstein’s Writings by Einstein, Albert

Special And General Theory Of Relativity by Einstein, Albert

Views On The Composition by Einstein, Albert

Why Socialism by Einstein, Albert

E-books On Other Websites (On/By Albert Einstein)
(Please respect your country’s copyright laws)

Albert Einstein � Digitized Archives
By: Albert Einstein
Category: Science & Technology � History Of Science

Books By Albert Einstein � Google Books
By: Albert Einstein
Category: Science & Technology � History Of Science

The Special And General Relativity � Bartheby
Category: Science & Technology � Physics

Albert Einstein�s Letter To President Roosevelt
Category: United States � American History

Einstein�s Writings On Science And Religion by Albert Einstein
Category: Commentary And Opinion � Historical

Prayer, Purpose In Nature, The Soul, Meaning Of Life by Albert Einstein
Category: Commentary And Opinion � Historical

Four Essays On Science And Religion By Albert Einstein
Category: Commentary And Opinion � General

The World As I See It By Albert Einstein
Category: Commentary & Opinion � General

Einstein Archives Online
Category: Science And Technology — General

Five Papers That Changed The Face Of Physics By Albert Einstein � Gigapedia ( Free Registration Needed )
Category: Science & Technology � Physics

Sidelights On Relativity � Gigapedia ( Free Registration Needed )
By: Albert Einstein
Category: Science & Technology � Physics

The World As I See It by Albert Einstein
Category: Commentary & Opinion � General

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By: Albert Einstein
Category: Commentary & Opinion � General

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By: Albert Einstein
Category: Science & Technology � Physics

The Drama Of Albert Einstein � Internet Archive
By: Antonina Vallentin
Category: Biography & Memoirs � Biography

Relativity In Audio � Gigapedia ( Free Registration Required )
By: Albert Einstein
Category: Science & Technology — Physics

Relativity Special And General Theory � Gigapedia ( Free Registration Needed )
By: Albert Einstein
Category: Science & Technology — Physics

The Meaning Of Relativity � Gigapedia ( Free Registration Needed )
By: Albert Einstein
Category: Science & Technology � Physics

About Zionism Speeches And Letters � Internet Archive
By: Albert Einstein
Category: Commentary And Opinion � General

The Principle Of Relativity � Internet Archive
By: Albert Einstein And H. Minkowski
Category: Science & Technology � Physics

Easy Lessons In Einstein � Internet Archive
By: Edwin Slosson
Category: Science And Technology � Physcis


A Bookyards Favorite — Albert Einstein Online

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Albert Einstein Blog

Barack discusses positive campaign at Chapel Hill

April 29, 2008

Check out this great video of the rally at Chapel Hill, North Carolina that attracted 18,000 people on April 28, 2008.

Barack talks about getting pulled into negative exchanges and how he must take care to keep the campaign on the positive and unifying note that he committed to in the early going.

Obama in North Carolina

Apr 29
Town Hall with Barack Obama
in Winston-Salem, NC

Apr 29
Town Hall with Barack Obama
in Hickory, NC

Barack Obama: 36 Hours and Counting

April 29, 2008

Sen. Barack Obama sent out this email today.

Paul —

Last chance in April Tomorrow’s financial reporting deadline is one of the most important of this election, and I need your help to make sure we’re ready for North Carolina, Indiana, and the road ahead.

You may have heard that Senator Clinton is intensifying her fundraising efforts in an all-out bid to win in the next two states.

We’ll need unprecedented resources to stay competitive in these contests — but we’re not just looking toward the next primary. We’re also preparing for the general election race against Senator McCain and building a grassroots campaign in all 50 states.

The next two days are a crucial time to build momentum for the remaining contests and the general election.

As a donor to this campaign, you’re responsible for getting us this far. But right now we need to show our strength before Wednesday’s fundraising deadline.

If you make a contribution before midnight tomorrow, a fellow supporter — someone who has already donated in April — has promised to give again and double your impact.

Make a donation of $25 at this important time, and you can even choose to exchange a note with the supporter who is matching your gift:

In every corner of the country, we’re already organizing communities, helping register voters, and bringing people back into the political process.

And unlike Senator Clinton and Senator McCain, we are building our movement without taking any money from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs.

Instead, we put our trust in ordinary people like you. And nearly 1,500,000 supporters have stepped up to own a piece of this campaign.

Right now, your support is crucial to our efforts in North Carolina and Indiana, where we could close out this race in the coming week.

Make a matching donation of $25 now and double your impact:

Thank you for your support,



April Fundraising Deadline Approaches

April 29, 2008

The Obama campaign is offering a new limited edition car magnet as the April fundraising deadline approaches.

More than 1,500,000 supporters have already contributed at least once. The new contributions will help efforts to register new voters in all 50 states including the large Vote for Change registration drive on May 10.

Obama for America

Friend —

Limited edition Vote for Change car magnet Next week, we have the opportunity to close out this race and secure the nomination for Barack — but there’s another deadline coming up even sooner.

Financial reports for April will be filed this Wednesday at midnight. The media pundits and Washington insiders will be watching the results and judging the strength of our campaign by the money we raise.

But what’s most impressive about our movement is that our funding has come from grassroots supporters like you. We’ve never accepted donations from Washington lobbyists or special interest PACs. Instead, more than 1,500,000 ordinary people have stepped up to own a piece of this campaign.

To meet this deadline and celebrate our grassroots donors, we’ve created a special gift.

Make a donation of $15 or more before midnight on Wednesday, April 30th, and receive a limited edition Vote for Change car magnet:

The crucial North Carolina and Indiana primaries will require unprecedented resources. But we also need to start preparing for the general election.

We’re building a powerful grassroots movement in all 50 states — organizing communities, registering voters, and bringing new voices into the political process.

We have accomplished so much, but we need your support today — to finish this contest, and to get ready to take on Senator McCain.

Help grow our movement at this critical time, and be part of history by joining 1,500,000 other Americans who are supporting this campaign.

Contribute $15 or more before midnight on April 30th. You’ll own a piece of this campaign and you’ll receive a Vote for Change car magnet to show your support in style:

Thank you,

Obama for America